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Daniel K.

I am providing this testimonial about the transaction between Landocs and the sale of the domain [classified]. My domain broker deals with highly reputable buyers that they work with this is how I was introduced Oren Vardy and the team at Landocs. The whole process from inspection period, due diligence to escrow was professionally handled. Selling a website can be a stressful time, not just the transaction part but wanting to know that the site you are selling is going to be looked after in the future and keep a reputation that you have been building. I know that the property sold is in good hands, and that it will prosper with its new ownership. Everything was simple and streamlined. Between Broker, Buyer, seller and escrow I have nothing but good things to say. Even after the sale was over I had lunch with Oren who was in my city for a brief time, he is a good guy and trust him implicitly. Communication: We primarily used Skype and some email to communicate, which was always prompt. I was able to answer their technical questions in relation to the sale and transition. Trust: I trust the team at Landocs, and in the future will offer any properties to them first because of the fact that they were so professional, polite, kind and respectful. Sale: The price that was agreed upon was fair and after the escrow period was over, we were paid 2 days after. I highly recommend dealing with these guys, and wouldn’t put my name out there otherwise.

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