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Landocs holdings Key Features


We always strive for deals that are Win-Win making sure everyone has a profit


As a Private Equity firm we
maintain high liquidity to make sure we can quickly fund a deal


As professional investors we can quickly reach decisions and close deals


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Our Website Evaluation

Landocs propietary tool estimates the value of what your website is worth in less than 2 minutes. 

How Landocs Works

We acquire established websites

Learn on how we go about acquiring website and paying for it. The entire process is safe and secure. We have 100% satisfied customers

What’s Our Clients Are Saying

What’s Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been through a few successful acquisition processes and even more failed acquisitions… and every time it can be a huge distraction and exhausting… but Oren and his team at Landocs, were direct, honest and fair through the whole process. Not often can you say an acquisition process was pleasant, but with these guys it was. Would absolutely do business with them again.”

Darius A.

Oren Vardy and his team members have been very kind and helpful and we stayed in touch via Skype/email throughout the entire process. They’ve been very transparent and guided me through the whole process (since I had no previous experience with selling sites), providing answers to any questions or concerns I had. I’m just a regular programmer, probably just like you, who searched the internet for days trying to understand if I’m being scammed or not. I hope this helps clear your mind. It’s ok to contact me on Twitter {@zerospree} or email {zerospree AT yahoo DOT com} if you want to have a 1-on-1 chat, I don’t mind it at all.

Codrin Pavel

“I received a cold email from Landocs in December 2018 and was initially skeptical (the stock photography on their website threw me off), and I had received many random people trying to sell me things before. After doing some due diligence, I came to the conclusion that they were a legit company, so I went ahead and set up a call with one of the partners, Oren. In the initial call, he was informative about the process and timeline – letting me know they could have an offer within a week or two and that the money could be in escrow soon after. After I submitted all the information they requested, I received what I thought was a very fair offer, and so I didn’t feel the need to counter. The process took a couple of months to complete because of some hiccups out of our control, but in the end it went about as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend doing business with these guys and am confident in their ability to close on a transaction in a fair manner and a speedy timeline.”

Will W.

“This was my first time doing business with Landocs and I was impressed with their professional approach with our transaction. Their team is very knowledgeable, responsive to questions and due process, and fair when negotiating terms. They’re a company that I would work with again as they followed through on all aspects of our business together and exceeded my expectations.”

Nate Kay
Nate Landocs Seller

“I am providing this testimonial about the transaction between Landocs and the sale of the domain [classified]. My domain broker deals with highly reputable buyers that they work with this is how I was introduced Oren Vardy and the team at Landocs. The whole process from inspection period, due diligence to escrow was professionally handled. Selling a website can be a stressful time, not just the transaction part but wanting to know that the site you are selling is going to be looked after in the future and keep a reputation that you have been building. I know that the property sold is in good hands, and that it will prosper with its new ownership. Everything was simple and streamlined. Between Broker, Buyer, seller and escrow I have nothing but good things to say. Even after the sale was over I had lunch with Oren who was in my city for a brief time, he is a good guy and trust him implicitly. Communication: We primarily used Skype and some email to communicate, which was always prompt. I was able to answer their technical questions in relation to the sale and transition. Trust: I trust the team at Landocs, and in the future will offer any properties to them first because of the fact that they were so professional, polite, kind and respectful. Sale: The price that was agreed upon was fair and after the escrow period was over, we were paid 2 days after. I highly recommend dealing with these guys, and wouldn’t put my name out there otherwise.”

Daniel K.
Daniel Landocs Seller

“Good buyer. It was high $ deal with no problems at all. This is complicated project with a lot of nuances. But transaction of website and money were really quick.

Alex Y.
Seller for Landocs

“I built and owned for a couple of years before I’ve decided it’s time to move on I’ve initially placed the site for sale on Flippa but the sale didn’t turn out as expected. I was then introduced to Landocs by the account manager on Flippa and after a short negotiation we’ve managed to work out a very reasonable price for the site Oren and the team were very professional and soon after signing the agreement funds were deposited in escrow, the transition process went smoothly and I was very pleased with the entire experience! I’m very likely to approach Landocs directly and avoid the middle man for any future sites I’d be putting for sale overall a very good experience”

Seller with Landocs

    Frequently asked questions

    Landocs is backed by a group of investors, our target sites prices range from 6 figures to $2m

    We expect the owner to assist with the transition and provide limited support post sale for a short period, but we have a technical team in place which usually can take over seamlessly with the owner guidance.

    There’s certainly no obligation, but we think our offer is too good to be missed, we normally can find out an agreement which is beneficial for both parties such as a partial sale or some method of co-operation.

    First of all we’re managing the website professionally, 40+ sites now and growing, we have a professional technical, SEO , design, etc team in place which can take your site to the next level.


    Besides that, we have strong relations to the advertising industry that allows us to improve the advertising on the site by getting approved terms.

    Yes, but this needs to be discussed with Oren directly who is managing the acquisitions process. 


    We sometimes offer partial acquisition or in some cases setting up some kind of limited cooperation where we use our technology strength and industry connection to ramp up the site income (usually X3 and more) for a share of the revenue, this, however, is not our “forte” this should only be offered as a last resort.

    First of all we’re managing the website professionally, for 5 years now, you can have a look at our website and also check our previous seller’s testimonials , it can also be arranged for you to talk to some of our previous sellers directly to get an unbiased feedback.


    But above that, we’re happy to provide a signed NDA to legally ensure you all data collected is used for the sole purpose of evaluating your website.

    I’m not authorized to make proposals but normally Landocs can provide you a specific offer with 1 week after filling up our new website questionnaire.

    Nothing on our end, escrow charges a fee from both parties, but we’re willing to cover this for you as well, so it’s net income on your end.

    It’s pretty straightforward:

    1. We send you a simple contract.
    2. Once signed we set up an escrow account.
    3. We deliver the funds to the escrow. 
    4. Once escrow notifies you of the funds, you transfer the site to us ( code, passwords, guidance on the code, etc). 
    5. We either take over your hosting account (we prefer) or ask you to re-install the site on our servers. 
    6. You push the domain to us. 
    7. We release the funds to you.

    Please feel free to review the following resources:

    Landocs Explanatory video –

    Landocs site –

    Oren Vardy C0-Founder & Portfolio Manager Linkedin Profile –

    You can review this intro video
    about landocs activity –

    You can review testimonials from previous sellers
    by visiting this link –

    Please use this email to contact Oren our Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager –

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